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    Professionalized in silk screen printers, small screen printer, silicone wristband printer. JQ have engaged in manufacturing printing machine parts for over ten years, having superb processing crafts and mastering the core technology of manufacturing printing machine. We believes in "Detail is the Key of Success", so we focus on every single part and every detail, striving to supply perfect printing machine for our customers.
    "Honesty based quality first and service oriented" is our company principle. JQ has a good reputation for high quality, pursuing technology development, improving the product appearance and product function, enhancing service quality and after-sales service, taking customer's needs under consideration and guaranteeing customer's investment interests.

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Screen printing machine
Pad printing machine
Consumable Accessories
non-standard equipment

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Automatic screen printing mach
JQ-4060M electric flat screen
JQ-7090M Electric screen print
JQ-4060B/S air suction type pr
JQ-ZP rotary screen printing m
JQ-5070B flat screen printing
JQ-5070M / S Flat screen print
JQ-5070M plane electric screen

CNC machining parts, more accurately, part of the original imported pneumatic
Our products are superior quality, all parts are CNC precision machining, to ensure the accuracy of spare parts, and imports of precision pneumatic components Germany, Japan, Taiwan and other places, make the machine run more stable and more efficient. Using Taiwan's skilled manufacturing process to ensure product and technology leadership.
Machine casing spray, durable corrosion-resistant
The company's machines are used shell using spray processing, high hardness, corrosion resistance, making the machine durable, greatly extending the life of the machine.
An automotive assembly line manufacturing process to ensure product production
The machine uses the car assembly line manufacturing process, a senior professional and technical personnel assembled to ensure that the machine mass production, but also to ensure the stability of the quality of each machine.
More than ten years experience in the design silk screen printing machine
The company's products are industry experienced professional design engineers have years of experience in the printing machine and printing machine design and development, but also continued to innovate in technology to ensure that the machine in the industry-leading level of technology.

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