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JQ-5070B flat screen printing machine


JQ-5070B Flat Screen Printing Machine:

1 This is a high-precision screen printing machine high efficiency, using original Japan and Taiwan imported pneumatic components. Double-column structure, printing stable, vibration, high precision, multi-color overlay accuracy; glide around the nose guide imported from Germany, rodless cylinder drive; Dual guide column clamp arm around network, install version at the same time regulating device, printing accuracy : ± 0.02MM, hourly running speed can reach 800 times.

2 Printing mode manual / semi / fully automatic three modes, printing operation time can be digitally controlled indirectly.

3 individually designed nose lifting devices, so that squeegee / oil return knife, screen handling and screen for easy cleaning.

4 This machine adopts full package, maintenance-free. Safe and beautiful, simple operation, easy to extract, greatly improved production efficiency.


1. PLC program with four action buttons compiler, durable, and easy maintenance.

2 Printing action design a variety of printing cycle, the printing process visible to the user freedom of choice.

3 full-cast aluminum body, metal coating surface.

4 double-column lifting structure, high precision and smooth operation.

5 scraper constant pressure device to ensure stable printing process pressure

6 scraper / back blade angle adjustable.

7 high-precision tuning bench, with self-locking device, adjustable precision can reach 0.01MM.

8 mesh frame position can be front, left and right, horizontal adjustment.

9 print head can be lifted function to facilitate pick and place stencil.

10 work surface with emergency stop devices to prevent the clip wounding hands.


This screen printing machine for printing PCB, silicone, textile, plastic buttons, PET, cardboard, nameplates, IC boards, membrane switch circuit, mobile lenses, glass, liquid crystal display panels and signs, such as flat-type material. Relative to the flat screen printing machine, screen printing machine can be printed once this section multi-block, with a speed advantage.

Technical parameters:

1 Platen size: 500 * 700mm 7. Printing speed: 800 times / hour

(2) Maximum printing area: 650 * 450mm 8. Supply: 220V 50-60MHZ/50W

3 Maximum screen frame size: 800 * 600mm 9. Pressure :0.4-0 .6 MPA

4-way trimming table size: ± 10mm 10. Dimensions: 950 * 850 * 1750mm

5 blade adjustment angle :0-45 ° 11. Weight: 300KG

6 Maximum print height :0-50mm 

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